Inner Bonding® a powerful life practice

A participant in a recent workshop said, “I came here sad, anxious and angry with my life and my partner and I was ready to walk away from everything.”
By early afternoon on the first day I had found my emptiness and found how to give myself what I needed to feel loved and connected to all the beauty around me. I am overflowing with appreciation and love that is being accessed from within me. I am seeing what there is to appreciate in the world. I feel enriched and abundant.”

The Inner Bonding® process developed by Dr Margaret Paul and Dr Erika Chopich enables us to transform habitual patterns that may be generating our anxiety and we can learn how to create a state of well being without resorting to short term fixes. Read more of my work as a Certified Inner Bonding® practitioner. This is an extremely powerful practice for life, to become more in flow with a deeper connection to ourselves and our spiritual path.


Hello world!

What to do when you are feeling ….????

This is the first in a series of what to do when you are feeling….?

angry? feeling sad? feeling unhappy? feeling grief? feeling abandoned?

This one on anger was first published on elephant journal.

To your wisdom and joy!